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Wool Farm Crafts in Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Natural & Natural Dyed Corriedale wool, Handspun Yarns, Ashford Wheels & Looms

 Wool Farm Crafts is a farm business in Grantsburg (Trade Lake) Wisc. We have Corriedale sheep that has nice soft wool for spinning yarn and wet felting projects. There are Needle Felting kits and supplies, natural and natural dyed carded wool, hand spun yarn, knitted hats, woven shawls, and much more in the Farm Store, also we have an online store.

Something NEW is coming to Wool Farm Crafts- Quilts. I will be starting with Table runners and small quilts. This has always been something I loved and wanted to do, so I'm going to do it. I will still have sheep and the wool, in fact I am going to add some to my quilts. Wool applique' is fun to use and easy to sew on.

Classes are offored in-Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Wool cleaning, Dying, Carding, Felting, and Quilting. Just call and set up a time that fits you.

Young and old enjoy coming to the farm to see the animals, and learn how the wool is washed, dyed with natural dyes, picked, carded, and spun, also they can do a needle felting or weaving project for a small cost, so check it out! 

NOTE:We are foster parents and some times like now we have a baby and it is hard for me to get out to the shop to dye and card the wool, we will do our best to get the orders out as fast as we can.  We hope to take a brake from children Starting in Oct. to get things done here.

When you want Natural and natural dyed wool and wool products check in the online store or contact us at Wool Farm Crafts.

Natural Dyed carded Wool & Yarn for Felting, Knitting & Felting Supplies,

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 Sign up for our e-mail Newsletters with tips on wool processing, Natural dying, needle felting and more. Whats New, and Good Deals  are some of the articals that will be in the News from Wool Farm Crafts. Sign in now!!  (PLease put your interest and questions in the message box.)

New! Felted sheets in 2 sizes, blended colors and designs for making small hand bags and other crafts also to add a little something to a quilt. $3.00 to $3.50 each.

Promoting the ONE POUND ASSORTMENT     

One pound of Corriedale carded wool batts, that is 16 batts-16 colors of natural and natural dyed wool. Have fun mixing the colors for wet felting or spinning to make fun projects.   $20.00 for the 1# assortment

Mixing colors can be fun but if you don't have a carder it may be hard to do. I have mixed some colors for you and will mix the colors you want. I mix 3 or 4 colors together to brighten not so bright colors or mix a natural brown or grey with some bolder colors. 8oz. for $13.40 just $1.00 more than the reg. price for 8oz.                     

 I have shawls, children's sweaters, knitted hats and sockes, felting kits, and lots of carded wool batts, handspun yarn, and more in our farm store

We carry the Adjustable Triangle Loom and the Ashford spinning wheels, drum carders, and looms in our Farm Store. There are many options for the different wheels so feel free to use the toll free number for more info.  

Services we Offer:
* Natural Dyed carded Wool & Yarn for Felting
* Felting Supplies  
* Angora Fiber & Yarn
* Handspun Yarns
* Natural Dyed Corriedale wool
* Needle Felting Kits (with Instructions)

Natural Dyed carded Wool & Yarn for Felting, Knitting & Felting Supplies,


 One Pound Assortment-16 colors of natural and natural dyed carded Corriedale wool. Spin it and felt it.  $20.00

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For natural dyed handspun yarn and carded wool,  Needle Felting Kits, Ashford spinning wheals, looms and wool tools, 7' adjustable Triangle looms. We offer spinning, felting, weaving, knitting and quilting classes.
Contact us at our farm store in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.
Hours of Operation:
Sunday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m. On school days-Mon. 9a.m.-2:30
Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
We are closed Friday evenings & Saturdays 
Both the Online store & the Farm store

"And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made." - Genesis 2:3.

Natural Dyed carded Wool & Yarn for Felting, Knitting & Felting Supplies, Shawls, Dry & Wet Felting Needles & Supply Kits, Angora Fiber & Yarn, Handspun Yarns, Natural Dyed Corriedale wool, Wool Farm